Sentricon Termite Baiting

Have termites? Sentricon eliminates termite colonies including the queen. Don't have termites? Sentricon will prevent termites from entering your home.

The Most Reliable Method for Termite Control

When the termites can't molt, they die. When the colony dies, the queen dies. This gives a long-lasting structural protection to your home. If you're looking for a reliable termite control method, Atlas Exterminator Co Inc can help.

Renewable Service Plans Available for Termite Control

The Sentricon Termite Baiting system destroys the termite queen and her colony without disrupting your lawn, landscaping, or foundation. That's because there is no structural drilling or trenching and digging around your foundation. 

The stations are simply put in the ground around your home, forming a protective ring. Termites prefer the bait found in Sentricon more than wood, and its active ingredient, noviflumuron, prevents them from molting.

Protect your home and family with professional pest control from a local, owner-operated company in business since 1946. You won't have a reason to complain! Moreover, you'll love our custom services.

Benefits of Sentricon Termite Baiting System

  • No drilling of holes in walls and floors
  • No drilling of exterior patios, porches, or decks
  • No digging or trenching
  • Active ingredient is nontoxic to humans and pets
  • Proven termite colony elimination, including the queen
  • Safe for properties with wells
  • Cost comparable to liquid treatments
  • Works 24/7 and 365 days a year
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Termite Colony Elimination System
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